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a letter to my stressed out self

a letter to my stressed out self

A few weeks ago I was speaking to my coach (yes I too have a coach), we were talking about uni, and how next semester I didn’t want to get as stressed and anxious as I did during the first semester. At the time of the conversation I was on uni break, so was super relaxed. She suggested that I use this time, and feeling of having everything under control, to write myself a letter. A letter that I could then read during the next semester if I found my stress levels rising, and that feeling of being in control slipping through my fingers. A letter to remind myself that everything is okay, and that I can totally do whatever is stressing me out. I will be honest I did think it was a bit of strange thing to do, but I did it anyway. I was surprised that the letter flowed out of me so naturally, and now that I am in week 4 of the semester and the stress levels are slowly rising, it may be time to get the letter out.


To my beautiful Ali,

You are reading this letter because right now uni is starting to stress you out. Things are starting to feel a bit out of control, and let’s be honest we all know how much you love control!

Right now I want you to stop whatever it is you are doing and take one deep breath, don’t freak out this is not the start of a meditation, one breath is fine.

Now you have two options firstly go and get a coffee and take it to the beach, just sit there and let it all wash over you, remember the beach is your happy place.

If going to the beach is not possible have a shower, stand completely under the water, let it wash all your stress away. 

These two things will help to calm you down, they will cut the anxiety circuit and help you feel more in control.

You again have two options for what you do next, there is not right or wrong, both are fine.

You can choose to continue doing your work, but please if you choose this option focus on one thing at a time, break it down, you don’t have to do everything right this very moment.

Take this time to also look at the expectations you are placing on yourself, you don’t need to get perfect grades for everything you do, a pass is all you need.

If that doesn’t feel right put your work away for an hour and do something completely different, without the guilt. Read a book, watch netflix, but whatever you do don’t just mindlessly scroll through social media, that only makes your more anxious. 

And if none of that works blame it on the moon, and meditate while having a bath!!



Putting this blog post together was another reminder about how we often write about the things the we that we most need to hear at the time. I came home from uni last night slightly overwhelmed, it felt like I had so much to do but so little time. After reading my letter I decided to have a shower and do some stretching before going to bed. I put my work away, knowing that I was not in the right frame of mind to do anything productive, and it was the best decision. I have woken up this morning feeling capable of not only finishing this blog post, but also knowing that I can do all the uni work I need to. So on that note I am going to go and complete the first of two quizzes that need to be done this week.

Is there an area of your life that you could give yourself a little pep talk? Take the time to write yourself a letter, tell yourself how amazing you are, and that you are capable of anything. Don’t wait for others to tell you, tell yourself.

Give yourself the love you deserve.

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